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Fixed the link to our Facebook page ( This gets more traffic and updates these days.

OOTAK Nights Out have become very successful. Last week we had 10 RSVPs and almost all of them showed up. We expect more this week. We usually post upcoming meetings on here.

We’ve finally begun the conversion to YouTube. Our first “video” (basically a logo placard with the audio recording of our session) is up on our channel here.

This page will likely begin to change as I learn more of WordPress and add in aspects of my custom fantasy world in which we play our current D&D 5Ed campaign, Skard. No doubt there will be some bumps and site layout / function mistakes along the way. Sorry.


It’s been far too long since our last post. We have been gaming the whole time, we have been recording, just not posting. There are some projects in the works but not yet ready to be announced.

What we can say is that we have had another addition to our membership. Welcome, Kirk.

We’ve been playing regularly on Monday nights. Todd is running a 5th Edition game set in his own world of Skard. We have also begun an “Ootak Night Out” when we play different game systems at a local game store on Thursdays. The plan was to make these “one shots” but sometimes we like a game so much it gets stretched to a few sessions. So now, they’re just “shots”, which I guess is fitting for a night out.

So far, we’ve had fun and have made enough of a commotion to draw the attention of a few strangers over to our table. We hope to continue this regularly.

For now, that is all.

What now?

Six months later and what have you missed?


Changeling ran for a satisfying while and we may revisit it. There was a one-shot of Eclipse Phase – a nicely done game with good mechanics, a good genre and an extremely versatile and well-thought-out setting. James ran DnD 5e for a while then had to take time off. We all agree that 5e is where it’s at. We’re currently playing a longer campaign of Eclipse Phase that often turns philosophical. There were a few board game nights when the right combination wasn’t able to make it to game night to run the regular RPG, but I don’t think many were recorded. Everything else is in the queue, mostly waiting for editing. Some has been put up under our name over on . I think that’s it. Maybe I’ll update again soon. Maybe we’ll get some more recordings up here. Maybe not.



Oh, Membership Changes

Yeah, we morphed a bit.

Pat is back after some time off.

Young Jimmy has joined us.

Eric is out for at least a while for work and *shudder* getting a real life.


What Have We Become?

I guess it’s my fault.

We were doing so well. The Mage Chronicle was progressing nicely and regularly. On off weeks we’d begun a nWoD Changeling Chronicle run by Storyteller Jayson. Things were fine.

Then one week, it was coming up on my Mage game and I just didn’t have any ideas. Sure, I knew where the whole of things were moving but nothing seemed to go together into something specific to do that week. The muse had fled. It happens sometimes.

So instead of floundering and having a boring, aimless game, I suggested … God help me, I suggested we just play some board or card games that session. And hey, I said, if you have any old Magic decks, since we mentioned them in RP in the Mage game, why not bring ’em over and we’ll battle?

And we did. And then James, that evil tempter, suggested we go further. Why don’t we all buy a “Builder’s Toolkit” and build a deck from there? No one has any advantage except the ability to build and play.

And we did. And it was fun. And it got ugly. Fungly.

So in two weeks we’re going to play M:tG for the third time, after we’ve upgraded with a couple of agreed-upon boosters. We’ll probably also record it (we skipped the first sessions). Considering the trash talk that went around last night, it might be entertaining… if you can forgive the sub-human geekiness of Magic players we’ve devolved into.

Thankfully we’re still doing Changeling alternate weeks. Hopefully we’ll put some of those and the early Mage APs up sooner or later.

Thanks for sticking with us, even though we’re little more than animals now.

Gotta go now. A booster pack or several are waiting for me.


Down Time and Reorganization

For those of you following along at home, yes, the Ootak site has lain fallow for some time now. That is not to say, however, that we haven’t been gaming. We have. We have even managed to record every session. And we do have many sessions already waiting to be edited and prettied up and put up here. However, due to some data loss of my artwork and much needed time off for our beleaguered sound editor, things here on the site haven’t been stirred up in a while.

I cannot promise that there will be updates any time soon. I can’t even be sure we will ever get around to those recordings waiting. But we are making new ones and hopefully someone will pick up the editing job to get us a little caught up and hopefully I’ll feel like and get time to do more art (and maybe even recover what was lost). We continue to play Deadlands. We also have games of Mutants & Masterminds, a Better Angels playtest (that we hope we will be allowed to make public) and we are just beginning a Mage (modified oWoD) Chronicle. Things are in motion.

I say this not to prompt you to stay tuned, not to ask you to check back every week, but to give you hope. We will come back around. It might not be soon, it might be in a different format, even the Ootak membership might be different, but we will be back.

Flynch the Clown

After the last play session, I needed to put down the image of Phineas Lynch’s alter ego terrorizing the victims of the Fright Circus’s first heist.


Flinch Shhh

Let the Record Reflect ….

“What the hell do you know? Plan A actually worked!” -Everyone

Post-game carnage

Thankfully, the “gaming cave” is separated from the rest of my place, so I can leave cleanup until the next day. This was from our session the day after Easter and everyone (except that fussy vegan, who had his own rabbit food delivered from Ootak’s Chef Becky) enjoyed some ham & fixin’s for food hour. Then we began play and the snacks came out. As usual, the soda flowed freely and all indulged. Even though I forgot to set out a trash can and I asked everyone to leave the stuff where it was, they already cleaned up a little. Not too bad, really.

Post-gaming carnage in the gamer cave.

Post-gaming carnage in the gamer cave.

New logo

Thinking I might do many logos and switch ’em around for mood. This one’s a bit futuristic I guess. Since we haven’t had any updates in almost a month, I guess now’s the time to show it.