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Going All Doge On That Ass!

Todd’s New Gaming Cave…

Yep, it's coming together!

Yep, it’s coming together!

A work in progress, but progress nonetheless. Two of OOTAK’s finest are pictured here… ssshhhh… don’t tell them!!

New Banner

A new banner for Deadlands APs.

Ootak deadlands_sm


PS – Yes, that is an ass skull.

Messin’ with Sasquatch

First off, I want to acknowledge the great job Pat’s done with the site. He’s been keeping it interesting, up to date and stable. He set it up and it works.

Now I’m going to mess it up. 😛

Actually, I’m just trying to adjust a few things, mostly visually. As a tempermental artist type, I reserve the right to begin before I know what I’m doing and make lots of changes, many of them ugly, but only as a step along the path to figuring out what ultimately works and is, hopefully, better.

So if the site looks a little mismatched, wonky, odd, off – blame me, but don’t expect it to last. Good things are coming. But good things take time.


More Content Coming This Saturday!

More Deadlands Reloaded coming this weekend OOTAK fans!

Until then, tide yourself over with yet another picture of OOTAK’s own Becky sleeping her way through another session… 😉

James is in the picture too, he’s actually quite photogenic isn’t he?

Gaming until she drops...

Gaming until she drops…

Becky: Mistress Of Games!

Don't mess with Mystery Girl!

Don’t mess with Mystery Girl!


So my (Patrick) saga is nearly over and I have officially moved. This is important because now I will be able to commit some time in the evenings to posting brand new OOTAK audio content on this blog as well as getting some new stuff prepped for our feed over at RPGMP3/Dungeon On!

Please bear with me loyal listener, because I PROMISE that new content is coming soon; very, very, VERY soon!!!!

Updated Theme…

You may or may not have noticed a little bit of a redesign here at the OOTAK blog.

We assure you that you are not going insane. I (Patrick) have decided to freshen up the site a bit. I’m sure you will see a few more tweaks and changes before its all said and done.

We (yes, I’m speaking for all of the OOTAK crew) hope that you enjoy the new look and that it is easier to navigate our current and future actual play content via our fancy new slider.

Until next time… Cheers!


Working on some new content for Hal’s RPGMP3/Dungeon On! site.

Hal’s new site looks great and we here at OOTAK are very excited and hopeful that new content will appear in the coming weeks…

Also, stay tuned for the continuing adventures of our current Deadlands campaign. We will continue to post more episodes here on the OOTAK blog!


Tunkwana Kills!

All rights reserved by Todd Thomas. Don't mess with him... seriously...don't....

All rights reserved by Todd Thomas. Don’t mess with him… seriously…don’t….