Deadlands: Reloaded – Session V

Well, as promised, Session V of our continuing Deadlands: Reloaded campaign is uploaded and ready for your consumption.

This session was recorded on Jayson’s birthday, so be sure to leave your belated birthday shout-outs in the comment section.

Feedback is appreciated, as always, because it helps to let us know that you are listening and enjoy what we’re doing.

Oh yeah, OOTAK‘s resident artist, Todd Thomas, cooked up another piece of original artwork for your enjoyment!

Enjoy and Cheers!

Something Strange In The General Store!

Something Strange In The General Store!

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  1. Pencil-Monkey says:

    So first Jayson made enemies with Eric during the OOTAK version of Calvin & Hobbes’ ‘noodle incident’, when Eric insisted on eating spaghetti in a bowl, despite Becky’s (quite reasonable) argument that the spaghetti will retain its mouth-scalding heat longer in a bowl, and that eating it on a plate is therefore more civilized.

    Jayson: “I’d like my spaghetti on a plate, please – I’m not a savage.” 😀

    …And THEN Jayson teleports Becky (or at least her character) directly into a brothel. 🙁 He’s enjoying the opportunity to (ab)use his GM powers a wee bit too much.

    Although, since the players then proceed to try and burn down a church, full of supposedly ‘evil cultists’ (i.e. parishioners), and mopping up the last stragglers with gunfire and dynamite – and the only person who objects to this plan is, in fact, the posse’s resident serial killer – the GM might not be the most dysfunctional member of the group. 😉

    Thanks for sharing, OOTAK. Thanks for sharing. :-O

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