Deadlands: Reloaded – Session IX

The OOTAK crew continues to game in the flesh and over the internet!

The fact that some of our group, who cannot make our sessions in person, can still game with the group is a real testament to the power of the Internet and a subject that we will not rehash here.

Session VIIII of our latest campaign (which will probably find it’s way to RPGMP3 at some point in time) is hot off the presses and ready for consumption.

Twain, Christine “Doctor Woman” Walsh, Leslie, Tunkwana and Sully continue their romp through the old, WEIRD, West!

Pictured below is an NPC that you haven’t met yet, but let’s just say that things get interesting in the future…

All right reserved by Todd Thomas. Don't make him find YOU!

All right reserved by Todd Thomas. Don’t make him find YOU!

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  1. twyst says:

    Lol. What’s a “VIIII”?

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