Deadlands: Reloaded – Session XII

Ootak deadlands_smSo, after yet another long hiatus, the OOTAK crew is back with another actual play of our continuing Deadlands campaign.

Some things changing within the personal lives of the OOTAK gaming collective are: Eric, OOTAK’s largest, is on temporary leave while he works the night shift. Todd, OOTAK’s resident artist and pretend king, has moved into a new place, giving OOTAK it’s own space which will, hopefully, evolve into a full blown gaming den. I (Patrick) have a new girlfriend, yes ladies and gentlemen, I’ve changed my relationship status on Facebook, so its official.

But all of these changes are neither here, nor there, the game must go on, must always go on!

Merry Christmas to you all and please enjoy the very newest from OOTAK’s actual play archive!



  1. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and congrats on the girlfriend. 🙂 She’s not the same person that Todd apparently seduced with his hirsute hunkiness, is she? Oh, and thank you, Patrick, for describing your Back, Crack & Sack in such vivid detail on audio. 😯

    (Thank goodness it’s not a vidcast…)

  2. twyst says:

    Lol. Thanks for listening, Pencil-Monkey. Remember, you subjected yourself to this.

    And no, this is not the same one that I did nothing of the kind to. I agreed to stay away from her; I was just commenting that should she ever become aware of me, that ballgame would likely be over. 😛

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