Deadlands: Reloaded – Sessions XV & XVI

Ootak deadlands_smWhats up OOTAK fans? Not much eh? Whats that? You want to know what we are up to here at the OOTAK HQ?

OOTAK’s 2014 has started with a bang! Our new “gaming cave”, courtesy of Twyst, is coming together quite nicely. Much of OOTAK’s forthcoming content will be recorded at Todd’s place, so stay tuned!

Our Deadlands: Reloaded campaign continues with a brand new double Actual Play session. Yes sir! That is two, count em’, TWO, epic game play sessions combined into one!

I know, I know, Patrick is a great guy… and so good looking too! Make sure you tell all your friends, but ladies, yes, I am taken!

Anyway, hope you enjoy another 3+ hours of ooey-gooey OOTAK(u) goodness drizzling all down your earholes!

Cheers and carry on!

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  1. Pencil-Monkey says:


    After Hal’s Pathfinder group recently TPKed, there’s been some discussion on RPGMP3 about what characters they should roll up, instead.

    There was a whole bunch of variant classes that were mentioned, and at one point, I found a description of a Bard archetype called the Prankster.

    That variant seems like it would have been perfect for your Skull & Shackles character. Thaddeus Hornigoat, was it? 😉 However, on second thought, the Prankster class is only available to Gnomes, so it might have been difficult for your halfling bard to qualify. Unless you’d changed him to a gnome, but then he couldn’t have been Eric’s character’s brother. Hmm, but on THIRD thought, Thaddeus was raised by a pair of loving Gelatinous Cubes, so in comparison, a gnome and a halfling being brothers doesn’t seem particularly far-fetched, at all. 😉 They could’ve been half-gnome/quarterlings, with Thaddeus being predominantly gnomish, and Eric’s character having inherited mostly halfling traits. (“You see, son: when a female halfling meets a gnome with a HUUUGE, um… nose, and they love each other very much…”)

    PS: Hal thought the name “Thaddeus Hornigoat” was fantastic. 🙂

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