What Have We Become?

I guess it’s my fault.

We were doing so well. The Mage Chronicle was progressing nicely and regularly. On off weeks we’d begun a nWoD Changeling Chronicle run by Storyteller Jayson. Things were fine.

Then one week, it was coming up on my Mage game and I just didn’t have any ideas. Sure, I knew where the whole of things were moving but nothing seemed to go together into something specific to do that week. The muse had fled. It happens sometimes.

So instead of floundering and having a boring, aimless game, I suggested … God help me, I suggested we just play some board or card games that session. And hey, I said, if you have any old Magic decks, since we mentioned them in RP in the Mage game, why not bring ’em over and we’ll battle?

And we did. And then James, that evil tempter, suggested we go further. Why don’t we all buy a “Builder’s Toolkit” and build a deck from there? No one has any advantage except the ability to build and play.

And we did. And it was fun. And it got ugly. Fungly.

So in two weeks we’re going to play M:tG for the third time, after we’ve upgraded with a couple of agreed-upon boosters. We’ll probably also record it (we skipped the first sessions). Considering the trash talk that went around last night, it might be entertaining… if you can forgive the sub-human geekiness of Magic players we’ve devolved into.

Thankfully we’re still doing Changeling alternate weeks. Hopefully we’ll put some of those and the early Mage APs up sooner or later.

Thanks for sticking with us, even though we’re little more than animals now.

Gotta go now. A booster pack or several are waiting for me.


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