What now?

Six months later and what have you missed?


Changeling ran for a satisfying while and we may revisit it. There was a one-shot of Eclipse Phase – a nicely done game with good mechanics, a good genre and an extremely versatile and well-thought-out setting. James ran DnD 5e for a while then had to take time off. We all agree that 5e is where it’s at. We’re currently playing a longer campaign of Eclipse Phase that often turns philosophical. There were a few board game nights when the right combination wasn’t able to make it to game night to run the regular RPG, but I don’t think many were recorded. Everything else is in the queue, mostly waiting for editing. Some has been put up under our name over on www.rpgmp3.com . I think that’s it. Maybe I’ll update again soon. Maybe we’ll get some more recordings up here. Maybe not.



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