It’s been far too long since our last post. We have been gaming the whole time, we have been recording, just not posting. There are some projects in the works but not yet ready to be announced.

What we can say is that we have had another addition to our membership. Welcome, Kirk.

We’ve been playing regularly on Monday nights. Todd is running a 5th Edition game set in his own world of Skard. We have also begun an “Ootak Night Out” when we play different game systems at a local game store on Thursdays. The plan was to make these “one shots” but sometimes we like a game so much it gets stretched to a few sessions. So now, they’re just “shots”, which I guess is fitting for a night out.

So far, we’ve had fun and have made enough of a commotion to draw the attention of a few strangers over to our table. We hope to continue this regularly.

For now, that is all.

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