About Us

The Order Of The Ass, Kicking or OOTAK is a gaming collective formed in 2010.

OOTAK‘s founding members are Jayson, Todd, James and Patrick. Eric joined shortly after and brought his wife, Becky, kicking and screaming into the group. A while later we recruited Jimmy the Kid from the local gaming store where we all originally met. Most recently, we’ve added Kirk to the crew.

Our initial purpose was to get together on Friday nights, consume massive amounts of food (a tradition that is now known as “food hour”), rediscover (well, some of us never lost it in the first place) our youthful infatuation with “old school” tabletop RPG gaming, pretend to be “heroes” (well, it depends on what your definition of a “hero” is) and have grand adventures!

We were mostly successful. We’ve changed nights and added a “Night Out” at a local game store where we welcome guests to join us. At least we’re still together despite all we’ve learned about each other.

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