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Deadlands: Reloaded – Sessions XIII & XIV

Ootak deadlands_smI know! I know! The OOTAK crew, especially the guy responsible for posting new content, are a tribe of horrible and despicable monsters! We, and when I say “we” I mean “Patrick”, do not update this site with new content often enough. It’s a horrible cycle that we someday hope to break… someday!

Things have been cray-cray here at the OOTAK HQ! Jobs! Moving! New girlfriends! Gamer caves! Trust us, it’s been an exciting and hectic time.

The good news is that we are ready, willing and able to bring you some brand new actual play goodness to drizzle down your ear-holes in 2014! In fact, this is a special double release actual play.

Yep, that’s right! Nearly 4 hours of all-new OOTAK goodness (with lots and lots of side banter) all at once, all for you!

Enjoy loyal listeners (all 4 of you!) and have a great 2014!

New Banner

A new banner for Deadlands APs.

Ootak deadlands_sm


PS – Yes, that is an ass skull.

Deadlands: Reloaded – Session IX

The OOTAK crew continues to game in the flesh and over the internet!

The fact that some of our group, who cannot make our sessions in person, can still game with the group is a real testament to the power of the Internet and a subject that we will not rehash here.

Session VIIII of our latest campaign (which will probably find it’s way to RPGMP3 at some point in time) is hot off the presses and ready for consumption.

Twain, Christine “Doctor Woman” Walsh, Leslie, Tunkwana and Sully continue their romp through the old, WEIRD, West!

Pictured below is an NPC that you haven’t met yet, but let’s just say that things get interesting in the future…

All right reserved by Todd Thomas. Don't make him find YOU!

All right reserved by Todd Thomas. Don’t make him find YOU!

Deadlands: Reloaded – Session VIII

So I know that many of you are probably as excited for the premiere of The Walking Dead: Season 4 as I (Patrick) am.

Luckily I have another gift for you this fine Sunday morning: I have the gift of new OOTAK goodness!

Our Deadlands campaign continues and to be perfectly honest with you OOTAK is having a blast exploring the Weird West!

Unfortunately the party had say “Goodbye…” to a much loved character and “Hello!” to a new one. Twain is especially brokenhearted, but has managed to find a way to soldier on!

And without further adieu, OOTAK presents the very latest and greatest release!

Be sure to leave comments if you like what we do!

Orginal artwork by Todd.


Deadlands: Reloaded – Session V

Well, as promised, Session V of our continuing Deadlands: Reloaded campaign is uploaded and ready for your consumption.

This session was recorded on Jayson’s birthday, so be sure to leave your belated birthday shout-outs in the comment section.

Feedback is appreciated, as always, because it helps to let us know that you are listening and enjoy what we’re doing.

Oh yeah, OOTAK‘s resident artist, Todd Thomas, cooked up another piece of original artwork for your enjoyment!

Enjoy and Cheers!

Something Strange In The General Store!

Something Strange In The General Store!

Twain Virgussen

Another Deadlands: Reloaded portrait by Todd. He’s pretty good, isn’t he?

Yeah, he's NOT the leader...

Yeah, he’s NOT the leader…

Christine “Chris” Walsh.

More original artwork by Todd!


She's riding "Death's" horse...

She’s riding “Death’s” horse…

Louis “Death” Owens

Just another day away...

Just another day away…

Original Artwork By OOTAK’s own Todd. All rights reserved by Todd, seriously, he will kick your ass if you steal his stuff!

Original Artwork By Todd!

"I make people angry... on television!"

“Gus” by Todd.

Todd is always looking for work, if you want to commission a piece by OOTAK’s very own brilliant artist please fill out the contact form below!