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Black Mamba!

Session Date: 04/19/2013

Our Dresden Files campaign continued this past Friday night. Also, if you like our actual plays, look for them on www.rpgmp3.com! It looks like Hal & Company will be resuming their normal upload schedule. OOTAK has another hilarious and irreverent campaign in the hopper, so be sure not to miss out on those sessions!

The “heroes” of our Dresden Files campaign spent our latest session investigating some very, VERY bad mojo.

Leopold (aka James), OOTAK’s fearless leader (again, while Todd is away), led the proverbial charge this time, urging his “friends” onward during their investigation of the very bad things happening in Runson City. I think we can all agree; having a magical “psychic” investigator can come in handy.

Brandi (aka Becky) spent most of the session stripping and sleeping. Yeah, strippers work… alot! She also chatted up a cop, but failed her intimidate roll… sigh… In reality, Becky spent most of the session preparing a wonderful assortment of items for the OOTAK crew to eat. Homemade guacamole, “kabobs”, this amazing olive dip, bacon-cream cheese-chili poppers! Mmmmmm, oh what a feast it was!

Cody (aka Eric) managed not to murder anyone this session; however he did offer to help Gus further his case against the Runson City police department in the form of further grievous bodily injury. Oh yeah, did I mention that Cody and Leopold are buddies? Or that Cody and Brandi are secretly dating?

Gus (aka Me) had a little run-in with an overzealous detective. Okay, so the good peace-officer was trying to do his job, but damn(!), young, motivated, good-looking and (most importantly) gullible production assistants are hard to find in Runson City! Can anyone say “lawsuit”? Looks like I will be shifting my resources up a tier thanks to the efforts of the RCPD!

Unfortunately Todd didn’t get a chance to listen in on the session. Don’t tell him that it was my fault, I think he hates me! Next time Todd, next time!

Our GM (Jayson) demonstrated his utter lack of propriety and respect for the OOTAK crew by transforming one of his favorite NPCs into a horrible(r) monster… as if being annoying wasn’t already enough! Honestly, I don’t know why Jay has such a boner for the “Black Mamba”?

“Blacula” is black! Silly GM…