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“Revelations” – A Special One-Shot Scenario

OOTAK gamed this Monday, but unfortunately, Eric and Becky had to miss the session due to a prior out-of-town commitment. They were, however, gracious enough to offer the crew the use of their home.

Thankfully the members of OOTAK were well prepared for Becky and Eric’s absence and this little gem of a one-shot is brought to you courtesy of Jayson, Patrick, Todd, James and a special cameo by Jayson’s mom…

The scenario, titled Revelations, is written by Caleb of Role Playing Public Radio fame.

It is currently available here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/117615/Revelations

Caleb offers his scenarios (all of which are excellent) under a “Pay What You Want” model; you can pay nothing for it, but I strongly suggest you toss a few bucks his way if you read it, run it and like it.

Okay, enough of the shameless sales pitch.

Listen and enjoy… if you CAN!!!