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Deadlands: Reloaded – Session II

Our current Deadlands: Reloaded campaign continues with Jayson at the helm. The OOTAK crew is up to much of their old shenanigans; following the plot isn’t easy, but it sure helps when you’ve got a couple of curious characters around.

Some things of note:

  • I (Patrick) think that Todd is finally starting to enjoy the Savage Worlds system!
  • Having Eric around week in and week out makes a big difference.
  • Becky may actually be enjoying this campaign!
  • James is probably gonna say “This is just like 79’!” at some point during this week’s session.
  • Jayson is still a horrible monster who railroads his players at the slightest instigation!

Enjoy session II of our continuing Deadlands campaign everybody!

Deadlands: Reloaded – Session I

Well, well, looks like we are finally gonna get some current audio out there for your consumption.

I will begin uploading our Deadlands episodes on a bi-monthly basis.

We will continue to post on RPGMP3, but I will begin posting these actual plays here as a test run for more content releases on the official OOTAK blog…



Video Clip Of This Past Friday’s Session…

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Jayson, our intrepid GM, drinking his wine and looking at porn!

Jayson, our intrepid GM, drinking his wine and looking at porn!

I am happy to report that the OOTAK crew got a chance to game this past Friday night. If Todd had been around (via Google Hangouts) it would have been a truly glorious evening,

The last half dozen sessions or so have been our Dresden files/Runson City game.

The campaign is going well and Jayson left us with our intro into the next story cycle…

I will simply say that it involves killing hippies; dirty, disgusting, Apple-loving hippies. Next Friday will be yet another opportunity to offend another group of people!