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I Shot The Sheriff!

So OOTAK’s Deadlands: Reloaded campaign kicked off about two weeks ago and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about it.

I think its pretty safe to say that the majority of the OOTAK crew are fairly comfortable with the Savage Worlds game system. James, myself and Jayson are fans in particular and we have a grand total of four or five campaigns using the Savage Worlds system under our collective belt (you avid listeners will be familiar with at least a couple of these forays into the system).

Our first session consisted mostly of creating characters and getting a background feel for “the Weird West”; yes, there was lots of politically incorrect banter about Mormons!

Our latest session saw our campaign begin in earnest. I have included a brief breakdown of everybody’s character and a short character biography; obviously these biographies are subject to change:

 Christine “Chris” Walsh, aka Doctor Woman – played by Becky – Christine Walsh is an illiterate frontiers-woman who learned her doctorin’ skills while living with a tribe of plains savages. Ironically she’s pretty damned good at it too. Christine has a penchant for going by “Chris” to frighten and intimidate the men who think she can’t “doctor” worth a damn!

Louis “Death” Owens – played by Eric – “Death” Owens is a former law-dog turned bounty hunter with a notorious reputation for the law, especially the death penalty. “Death” Owens is the leader of the group, or at least he thinks he is, and therefore our moral compass during the campaign… Oh sweet baby Jeebus, what have we gotten ourselves into?

Tunkwana – played by Todd – Our own cougar-packin’ savage. Tunkwana feels things; strange things that would blow the white man’s mind, if only the white man would notice him. Tunkwana is great at making fires, building campsites and roasting rotting horse-meat which he unabashedly serves to paleface. Oh yeah, Tunkwana doesn’t share his blankets.

Twain Virgussen – played by James – Twain is a pacifist because fighting in a war made him that way. Twain is also a drunk with a knack for asking insightful questions when his attention is not completely absorbed in the act of drinking. Twain is not our leader, in fact, following Twain anywhere will probably get us all killed.

Beauford Sullivan “Sully” Beauregard – played by Patrick – Sully is an illiterate southerner haunted by the dreams of the things he did while in the service of the Confederacy. Sully isn’t particularly proud of his past or the fact that he can’t read a damned lick. If you didn’t already guess, Sully has questionable morals and is stubborn as hell. You were warned Listener…

Our GM – played by Jayson – Jayson leads narrates yet another story packed full of terrible things that go bump in the night. Jayson has a penchant for playing douchebags really, REALLY well…

Enjoy the little clip of Peytne (the youngest member of OOTAK) singing a song about a cowgirl and a fat, bald, creepy man reciprocating with his version of “Soft Kitty”.