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Messin’ with Sasquatch

First off, I want to acknowledge the great job Pat’s done with the site. He’s been keeping it interesting, up to date and stable. He set it up and it works.

Now I’m going to mess it up. ūüėõ

Actually, I’m just trying to adjust a few things, mostly visually. As a tempermental artist type, I reserve the right to begin before I know what I’m doing and make lots of changes, many of them ugly, but only as a step along the path to figuring out what ultimately works and is, hopefully, better.

So if the site looks a little mismatched, wonky, odd, off – blame me, but don’t expect it to last. Good things are coming. But good things take time.



Working on some new content for Hal’s RPGMP3/Dungeon On! site.


Hal’s new site looks great and we here at OOTAK are very excited and hopeful that new content will appear in the coming weeks…

Also, stay tuned for the continuing adventures of our current Deadlands campaign. We will continue to post more episodes here on the OOTAK blog!


Shoot Em’ Up!


Yet another crazy game night for the OOTAK crew!

I fairly confident that, this time, I caught all of the action. Monday night saw the wrapping up of our Coffin Rock scenario and it’s final, apocalyptic confrontation. Let’s just say that the hilarity, horror and conflaguration that follows our little band by no means represents who we, the members of OOTAK, are as actual people!

Quick breakdown as follows:

Becky – aka¬†Christine “Chris” Walsh – Wow, who would have thought that a d4 in Throwing would be such a handy skill in the hands of a woman¬†motivated¬†to play some Savage Worlds! The good doctor has established one thing during this entire scenario: That she is good at killing. Louis, Twain, Tunkwana and Sully all have yet to see how she actually fares at¬†doctorin’, but if it’s anything like her shooting or her throwing we just might make it out of this campaign in one piece.¬†well, some of us anyway.¬†Becky made spaghetti and breadsticks. She also concluded that civilized people eat off plates and that savages eat from bowls! Take that people!¬†

Eric – aka¬†Louis “Death” Owens – Suddenly decided that he would take the side of the¬†law¬†and found himself a mighty comfy little sniper spot. We finally established that Louis is pretty handy with a rifle and he made short work of a death-crazed cultist hell-bent on cutting Sully a pair of angel wings. Sadly, something very,¬†VERY¬†bad happens to Louis Owens…

Todd – aka¬†Tunkwana – Made a brief appearance at the beginning of the game to announce that he wouldn’t be around for most of the session. Apparently eating is more important than gaming!? Pfffffhhttt! When Tunkwana did make his return it was to mostly scout out the Sheriff’s office. Let’s just say that Todd, in his previous incarnations, has spent WAY too much time checking for traps!

James – aka¬†Twain Virgusson – Convinced us that the strange magic that can convey one through space-time can also completely render the prodigious amounts of alcohol flowing through one’s bloodstream completely inert! Twain also convinced us that “Shhhhhuuuuuutttttttttt uuuuuuuuppp!” is an appropriate greeting when the frightened owner of a house, that Twain was magically transported inside of, demands to know who intruded into his home. Twain felt mortal terror upon realizing that he, shockingly, had sobered up.

Oh no! I’m sober? I’m¬†sober!

Patrick – aka¬†Sully Beauregard – Is really,¬†REALLY¬†good at what he does. And what he (Sully) does is kill. Crazed cultists were no match for Sully’s murderous six-shooters. Although there will be a certain crispy cultist that will forever hop her way through Sully’s nightmares. Sound interesting? That’s because it is. Wait for it people!

Jayson – aka The GM – ¬†Clearly Jayson is full of awesome. The crew spent part of the night wishing our fearless GM a very happy birthday OOTAK sytle! Although I think that most people who know him will concede that Jayson is still a horrible monster even if he is a year older and wiser…

Our Deadlands game continues next session…

Postcards From The Edge.

I feel like I will owe somebody, somewhere, an apology for this past Friday night’s game.

Actually, I feel like I owe somebody an apology every Friday night simply because the people at OOTAK rarely, if ever, censor themselves. If you have listened to us for any amount of time, you know that there are a few certainties with the OOTAK crew:

1.) We will have food hour… and nothing you, loyal listener, can say or do will keep us from our dark feast!

2.) We are politically incorrect. We always have been and we always will be no matter how hard we try. One of us will say something at some point in the evening that is sure to offend someone in some part of the world!

3.) We will game, but we will also banter. Of that you can be absolutely certain!

Those are the ground rules here at OOTAK, but still, I feel remiss if I don’t offer this halfhearted apology to anybody we’ve offended.¬†Now on to the update!

Our Friday night Dresden Files campaign in Runson City continues. Some highlights of the evening were:

Cody (aka Eric) was the “star” of the evening and once again showed why he is a horrible, HORRIBLE half-human being. Of course Jack Braggins (local NPC paranormal researcher vis-a-vis the “Ghost Adventures” guy on the Travel Channel) completely deserved what was coming to him…

Brandi (aka Becky) actually participated in Friday night’s game, forgoing beauty sleep to prove that being helpful can sometimes be its own reward!

Leopold (aka James) earned every penny of his reward and then some. In one inspired moment of role-playing, the OOTAK crew (sans Todd, I just couldn’t seem to catch him that night) realized just¬†why¬†James is our de facto leader while Todd is away.

Gus (aka me; Patrick) finally used his “power” correctly. It was a cathartic moment for the entire crew that I wish Todd had been around to witness.¬†I promise that it won’t happen again!

The GM¬†(aka Jayson) wondered why he deals with us. Once the game got started the session went smoothly and when one of the players (who shall remain nameless on this blog) attempted to derail the scenario (“I’ve always wanted to cause a total party wipe!), Jayson handled the situation with his characteristic quick thinking and¬†magnanimity.

That is all you’re gonna get tonight OOTAK fans. You will have to wait the year or so before this session is posted before it will all make sense.

Sleep tight! ūüôā


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Jayson, our intrepid GM, drinking his wine and looking at porn!

Jayson, our intrepid GM, drinking his wine and looking at porn!

I am happy to report that the OOTAK crew got a chance to game this past Friday night. If Todd had been around (via Google Hangouts) it would have been a truly glorious evening,

The last half dozen sessions or so have been our Dresden files/Runson City game.

The campaign is going well and Jayson left us with our intro into the next story cycle…

I will simply say that it involves killing hippies; dirty, disgusting, Apple-loving hippies. Next Friday will be yet another opportunity to offend another group of people!